Commercial Steam Cleaner

Is your business property in need of sprucing up? Perth Commercial Cleaning Services offers premium steam cleaning services for all types of businesses. For cost-effective, thorough, and reliable commercial steam cleaners, look no further than PCCS.

Commercial steam cleaning is a method used for cleaning carpets and floors in all business premises. It is widely known to be a more effective and faster-drying method than other types of carpet cleaning, which is why it’s so popular among businesses. However, steam cleaning is also beneficial for other floor surfaces. Our expert team uses the most advanced equipment with adjustable settings to ensure no damage to your surfaces.

Advantages Of Commercial Steam Cleaning Over Traditional Cleaning Methods

There are two huge advantages that commercial steam cleaning has over other cleaning methods. Most other carpet cleaning methods require a lot of water. This is inefficient for two reasons. Firstly, they use far too much and therefore aren’t as eco-friendly. Secondly, they flood the carpet which takes hours to dry.

In addition, many carpet cleaners require the use of chemicals, which steam cleaning doesn’t. With commercial steam cleaners, you use less water and your space is ready to use again quickly. No need to wait for drying. Plus, the intense temperature of the steam kills microbes and bacteria, while the dampness left behind by other cleaners can sometimes even encourage bacteria and mould growth.

How Does Commercial Steam Cleaning Work?

Rather than using chemicals or shampoo to clean carpets (or other surfaces), steam cleaning is a lot more efficient. Our commercial steam cleaners heat water up to 180 degrees to create a powerful steam that cleans and sanitised floors.

Steam is essentially a vapor that is produced when water is heated to high levels. In the context of a steam carpet cleaner, water is fed into the machine and heated to extreme temperatures, up to 180 degrees Celsius. This creates steam, which is a natural disinfectant that can penetrate well beyond the surface of your carpet.

What Is Steam?

Steam is essentially a vapor that is produced when water is heated to high levels. In the context of a steam carpet cleaner, water is fed into the machine and heated to extreme temperatures, up to 180 degrees Celsius. This creates steam, which is a natural disinfectant that can penetrate well beyond the surface of your carpet.

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How Does A Steam Cleaner Work?

As mentioned, water is heated to create steam. This steam gets right into the nooks and crannies of your carpet, loosening debris, neutralizing stains and even killing bacteria. The commercial steam cleaner also uses a vacuum to extract any debris removed during the steaming process.

Types Of Commercial Steam Cleaners

There are several different types of steam cleaners available, and all are used for different purposes. Of course, some steam cleaners are more for personal residential use, while industrial ones are suited to larger jobs. Some types of commercial steam cleaners include:

  • Steam mops
  • Steam extractors
  • Vapour steam cleaners
  • Steam pressure-washers
  • Combination steam cleaners


Here at PCCS, we use a variety of advanced equipment to ensure the best job possible every time.

Benefits Of Commercial Steam Cleaning

Why is commercial steam cleaning in Perth so much more popular than other methods of floor cleaning? Here are just some of the reasons.

Chemical-free Cleaning

Older types of floor cleaners used a mixture of water and chemicals to clean your carpets. Chemicals come with a risk of damage to carpets and surrounding furniture, as well as potential health risks if people have allergies or other sensitive conditions. Our Perth commercial steam cleaners use nothing but steam to make your surfaces shine like new.

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Deeper Cleaning

Steam cleaning is a powerful way to remove dirt, dust, grime, and more from your carpets. The combination of steam, moisture, and a powerful vacuum ensures a deeper clean than other carpet cleaners. Plus, your floors will dry much faster, meaning as little disruption to your business as possible.


Steam cleaning is less expensive for a few reasons. Firstly, there are no chemicals involved – just steam and water. Secondly, water use is drastically reduced to about 5 litres per hour, so you save money there. Finally, the process is much more effective and faster, so it takes less time to complete your cleaning job. For cost-effective floor cleaning in Perth, it’s hard to go past our professional steam cleaners.

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In the cleaning business, wherever chemicals can be avoided is a great thing. Commercial steam cleaners use a simple yet powerful combination of steam and water, meaning no harsh chemicals are used in the process. If floors are extremely damaged, there may be occasions where cleaning products are used, for example with a combination steam cleaner, but in most cases, steam is all you need.


For businesses, carpet cleaning used to be a major hassle because it took so long to dry. This meant disruptions to your business and potentially a loss of income. However, steam cleaning is fast and importantly, dries fast. That means your furniture can be put back quickly, and your staff can go about their day. But don’t worry, we’re always happy to schedule steam cleaning services around your business hours.

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Hiring A Professional Steam Cleaning Service

Looking to hire a steam cleaner commercial property owners can trust? Here’s how to do it.

Reasons To Hire A Professional Steam Cleaning Service

The most common reason to hire commercial steam cleaners in Perth is to ensure your carpets and other floors are kept in good condition. Carpets can be a breeding ground for mould, bacteria, and other nasties. Plus, in a busy office or workplace, floors can be stained or damaged easily. Steam cleaning gives your business a refresh.

Importantly, steam cleaning also improves the safety and hygiene of your commercial premises. This benefits all employees, tenants, customers, and other visitors to the building. Customers are impressed and gain confidence from neat and clean premises, so hiring a professional steam cleaning service also boosts your revenue potential.

Choosing The Right Provider

It’s not always easy to choose the right cleaning provider, but these tips should help. Firstly, you want to choose a team that’s flexible and works with your needs. All of our services at PCCS are tailored to your needs, and we work around your busy schedule.

Secondly, you need to consider the quality of the work. With years of experience, the best equipment, and a commitment to our high standards, you can’t go wrong with PCCS. In addition, you also want a cost-effective cleaning solution. At PCCS, we keep our prices affordable for businesses, and commercial steam cleaning in particular is a fast, efficient way to keep work environments clean.

Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Steam Cleaning Service

When choosing a commercial cleaner, you need to ask the questions that matter most to you. Some common things to investigate are:

  • Is the company insured?
  • Are they flexible with cleaning times?
  • Does the company have a range of services to choose from?
  • Will I be provided with helpful advice if I’m not sure what type of cleaning I need?
  • Do they provide a service guarantee?
  • What do previous customers have to say?
  • What, if any, chemicals are used?


These are just a few ideas, but ultimately it’s about finding a team with great customer service, good prices, and a strong history of excellence.

Frequently Asked Questions - Commercial Steam Cleaners

Is Steam Cleaning Safe For All Types Of Surfaces?

Absolutely. We take the utmost care to assess every surface before commencing a job. This allows us to choose the right equipment to ensure a damage-free clean. Excessive heat can damage some surfaces such as vinyl, but our experienced commercial cleaners always have a solution. This usually includes using different heat settings on steam cleaners to ensure the entire process is safe.

Can Steam Cleaning Eliminate Mould And Mildew?

Mould and mildew generally thrive in damp conditions. However, blasting them with high-temperature steam is an extremely effective way to remove existing mould and also kill remaining spores. The great thing about steam cleaning in Perth is the fact that carpets dry very quickly, which also reduces the chance of mould or mildew regrowing. We should note that in case of severe water damage, you will likely require more than just steam cleaning.

How Often Should I Steam Clean My Carpets And Upholstery?

Every commercial property is different, so it really depends on a variety of factors. You need to consider the amount of foot traffic and generally how dirty your carpets become. The standard advice is to have your carpets steam cleaned once every 12 months to keep them fresh, clean and hygienic. However, commercial properties may benefit from more frequent steam cleaning, especially in high-traffic areas. Plus, you may want to create a more welcoming environment for allergy sufferers, and this would require steam cleaning more frequently than once a year.

How Do I Know When My Steam Cleaner Needs Maintenance?

Most steam cleaners for home use will come with specific maintenance instructions, so these should be adhered to at all times. Most businesses find it more cost-effective to use commercial cleaning services in Perth, rather than invest in high-grade industrial cleaning equipment themselves. However, if you are using any type of cleaning equipment and you feel performance is dipping, it’s time to consider some maintenance. We regularly maintain our commercial steam cleaners to ensure excellent performance every time.

Can I Use Tap Water In My Steam Cleaner?

Tap water is usually fine for use in a steam cleaner in most parts of Australia. As a general rule, if you’re happy to drink from a tap or wash clothes and dishes with tap water, it should be safe on your floors. However, it’s worth noting that some parts of the country may have tap water that’s high in minerals or impurities, and this could present a risk to carpet or upholstery. So, always be familiar with the quality of water in any location where you use a steam cleaner.

How Long Does It Take For Surfaces To Dry After Steam Cleaning?

The time it takes for your surfaces to dry depends on a few factors, including local temperature and airflow in the premises. However, because steam cleaning doesn’t flood your carpets in the same way that traditional carpet cleaners do, the drying process is massively reduced. Most people find their floors are ready for use again within a couple of hours, but again, the conditions and type of flooring will impact this timeframe somewhat.

Can Steam Cleaning Remove Stains From Carpets And Upholstery?

Commercial steam cleaners can definitely remove stains. Essentially, the high temperature of the steam helps to break down stains. The powerful vacuum function then removes any debris, meaning the stain is removed. It is worth mentioning, however, that not all stains can be removed with steam cleaning. If a stain has been there for a number of years, for example, it will be more difficult to break down and has probably stained deep into the fibres of your carpet. Our expert team can assess any troublesome stains for you before we start, ensuring we use the right process to get your carpets looking fresh and stain-free.