Industrial Cleaning Services Perth

If you need industrial cleaning services in Perth, you’ve come to the right place. At Perth Commercial Cleaning Services, we’re your trusted expert for all types of industrial cleaning. There’s no job too big or too small for our professional team.

The Importance of Industrial Cleaning

As a business owner or site manager, you have a lot of obligations to fulfill. Many of those revolve around cleanliness and hygiene. Of course, workers don’t expect a sterile, medical level of cleanliness in a factory. But you do need to provide a safe, healthy work environment for your team.

In addition, most industries have health and hygiene standards to be followed, especially those in the food production industry. Without dedicated industrial cleaning in Perth, many businesses wouldn’t be able to meet the strict hygiene standards they’re required to uphold.

Why Industrial Cleaning Is Different From Regular Cleaning

The unique thing about industrial cleaning is that every site is completely different. That’s why you need qualified, trusted professionals to develop a cleaning plan and stick to it. The essence of cleaning still remains – you need certain areas to meet certain cleanliness standards. But the methods are slightly different. Rather than vacuuming and hand-washing surfaces as you would in an office, industrial cleaning often requires the use of larger, heavier and more powerful cleaning equipment.

Perth Industrial Cleaning Best Practices

Here’s what makes the team at Perth Commercial Cleaning Services stand out from the crowd.

Choosing The Right Cleaning Technique

All work sites and even individual locations within a worksite require different cleaning techniques. It might be pressure washing in one zone, cleaning surfaces by hand in another, and floors may need to be cleaned with industrial equipment. It takes a skilled cleaning professional to understand your needs and select the appropriate techniques for maximum cleanliness and hygiene.

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Selecting The Appropriate Cleaning Equipment

Much like choosing a cleaning method, it’s also crucial to select the right tools for the job. We have a huge range of industrial cleaning equipment and materials at our disposal, all designed to improve the health, safety, and hygiene of industrial workplaces. Best of all, when you choose Perth Commercial Cleaning Services, you also get a team of qualified individuals with an eye for detail. We use the most modern cleaning equipment to ensure your job is done right every time.

Developing A Cleaning Schedule

We can’t stress enough that industrial cleaners in Perth need to be flexible and versatile. Because no two sites are the same, we work closely with our clients to develop appropriate cleaning plans. We leave nothing to chance when developing a cleaning schedule because we want our industrial cleaning services to be as convenient as possible. Our work takes place at a time that suits your needs and causes little or no disruption to your regular operations.

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Creating A Safety Plan

Safety is important in any work setting, and we take it extremely seriously. Our services are designed with the safety of everybody in mind. This includes our cleaners, your employees, and anybody else who may be on the premises. Our cleaning schedule includes a comprehensive safety plan to ensure no accidents. This also applies to the standard of cleaning we provide, leaving no surfaces slippery or unsafe when your people return to work. Plus, in the unlikely event, something goes wrong, we hold $20m in Public Liability insurance.

Training Employees

The ability to provide professional cleaning services starts with how we train our staff. Not only do all of our cleaners go through a rigorous screening process, but ongoing training is crucial to what we do. From staying up to date with new cleaning methods to refreshing their knowledge of Work Health and Safety regulations, our industrial cleaners in Perth are constantly learning. Plus, our team members are trained in site-specific cleaning plans, so you’re guaranteed consistent standards.

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Adhering To Industry Standards And Regulations

Our cleaners follow strict Work Health and Safety guidelines and regulations in everything they do. But we also understand that individual industries and even businesses are subject to a range of other industry standards. Part of our service is ensuring your industrial workplace meets those standards. You can count on our team to do everything by the book.

Measuring Cleaning Performance

We appreciate that our clients put a lot of trust in us. You deserve the highest standard of work every time, and that’s what we strive to deliver. Part of that process is monitoring the performance of our cleaners. Because, although we also put a lot of trust in our team members, you can’t achieve our standard of quality without some quality control. So, rest assured, we assess the work we do to ensure our standards remain high.

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Evaluating And Adjusting The Cleaning Process

Flexibility is key in any industry. But in our job, we know that standards, regulations, and also the needs of our clients can change at the drop of a hat. So, we take the time to evaluate our work and make adjustments if necessary. We’re proud of our standards, but we’re also not complacent. If something can be tweaked in the cleaning process to deliver better value to our clients, we’re as flexible as you need us to be.

Industrial Cleaning Techniques

Just some of the techniques we’ll use to ensure healthy, safe, and hygienic industrial workplaces.

Manual Cleaning

In the cleaning business, there’s nothing like a bit of elbow grease. Technology is great, but manual cleaning by professionals with an eye for detail is also important. Even with the use of machinery and cleaning equipment for some tasks, our skilled cleaners aren’t afraid of some hard work. So, for those jobs where only the human touch will do, we’ve got you covered.

Automated Cleaning

We’re living in an exciting time of technological growth, and the cleaning industry isn’t getting left behind. Many industrial cleaning services now include the use of robots or other types of automated equipment to improve efficiency. Automated cleaning tools are certainly more suited to some businesses than others, but where required, we are happy to discuss your automated cleaning needs and develop a solution.

Semi-automated Cleaning

A little by hand, a little by machine. Perth Commercial Cleaning Services uses a wide range of equipment to service our clients better. By combining the best of technology and human intervention, we ensure the highest cleaning standards. Industrial cleaning in Perth often requires the use of machinery, especially in large work sites. Rest assured, we discuss the use of any semi-automated cleaning tools with you before commencing.

Industrial Cleaning in Specific Industries in Perth

Some of the industries we work closely with.

Food & Beverage

PCCS works closely with clients in the hospitality industry to ensure all safety and hygiene standards are maintained. From food production factories to cafes, we have tailored cleaning services to ensure that your workers have a safe environment. Plus, on the hospitality side, your customers get a lot of confidence from your venue’s cleanliness.

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The healthcare industry has extremely high health and hygiene regulations for good reason. PCCS understands and adheres to all relevant standards and regulations while providing a premium service to businesses in the healthcare and medical services industries.


For trustworthy, reliable industrial cleaning in Perth for the manufacturing industry, we’ve got you covered. From warehouses and production floors to offices and amenities, we take pride in delivering a value-for-money service every time.

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PCCS has a skilled and professional team of cleaners with experience in automotive settings. From workshops to parts manufacturing companies and everything in between, if you need cleaning for the automotive industry we’re here to help.

Oil & Gas

Energy service companies typically have large operational areas. That means a lot of space and equipment that needs to be maintained. Don’t worry, with a range of manual, semiautomated, and automated cleaning methods at our disposal, we keep any industrial site looking its best.

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They say appearances shouldn’t matter, but this is quite the opposite in the retail sector. Your customers gain confidence from the cleanliness of your store, which in turn encourages repeat business and more customers. Let PCCS take care of the cleaning so you can focus more on customers and sales.

Industrial Cleaning Safety in Perth

There’s a reason they say safety comes first.

Common Safety Hazards

Our team is highly-skilled and trained to identify common safety hazards in an industrial cleaning setting. There are many hazards that may be present, from electrical cords to improperly positioned work equipment, we can identify and report any hazards that may be present. We also conduct our work in such a way that no hazards are left behind.

Safety Equipment & Training

All of our industrial cleaners in Perth are highly trained in the use of all safety equipment. This is to protect their own well-being, but also to ensure that industry standards are upheld on every job. Our team members are constantly training and refreshing their learning to ensure that we provide a complete service that keeps everybody safe.

Safety Culture

Here at PCCS, safety isn’t a chore. It’s part of what we do, and we’ve developed a culture where safety comes first. Don’t get us wrong, we’re great at what we do and get the job done on time and on budget. But we never compromise on safety.

Frequently Asked Questions - Industrial Cleaning Services in Perth

What Are The Different Types Of Industrial Cleaning Techniques?

At PCCS, we use a wide range of cleaning techniques. In an industrial cleaning setting, multiple methods will be used for different parts of the facility. From floor sweeping and mopping to manually cleaning surfaces, from using heavy-duty floor polishers to cleaning windows, we take care of everything. It all comes down to your individual cleaning plan and the methods that best suit your needs.

What Equipment Is Used For Industrial Cleaning?

Depending on the type of job, we may use a range of different cleaning equipment. We invest in the best cleaning technology, so we have a range of things at our disposal. Ultimately, it comes down to each client’s individual needs. But basically, from single cleaning clothes to high-pressure jet washing, there are multiple ways we can ensure your workplace is safe, clean, and hygienic. So, we’ll use a combination of manual, semi-automated, and automated cleaning methods to get the job done right.

How Does Industrial Cleaning Differ In Specific Industries?

Every industry is different, but more importantly, every client is different. The major factor is that industries often have their own health and safety regulations to adhere to. But within each industry, no job site is the same. That’s why we develop tailored cleaning plans to ensure your needs are fully met. So, while there are commonalities between industries, we prefer to take a customised approach so that we can better service our clients. Of course, we do remain conscious of the different hygiene standards across industries, and this always forms part of our planning.

How Can Industrial Cleaning Be Made More Sustainable?

We’re always looking for ways to make our work more sustainable. The reality is, industrial cleaning requires the use of certain chemicals and processes that involve water use. These are unavoidable, however, we still ensure the use of environmentally friendly cleaning products wherever possible. Our cleaning materials are chosen to ensure the job is done properly while also not exposing your workers to harmful chemicals or residue.

How do I select an industrial cleaning service provider?

Ultimately, the best industrial cleaning services in Perth are the ones that meet your needs perfectly. You’re looking for three key things: Quality of work, pricing, and tailored service. Another factor to consider is flexibility because it’s likely that your needs may also change along the way. We believe we excel in all of these areas, and we’d love to invite you to experience the difference.

Looking for expert industrial cleaning services in Perth?

We’ve built a strong reputation amongst the Perth business community because we take great pride in what we do. We’re cleaning specialists, not generalists. Our extensive experience gives us the ability to develop comprehensive cleaning schedules for our clients, and your needs remain our primary focus. That’s what people love about working with Perth Commercial Cleaning Services, and they also think our prices are pretty good too.

Industrial cleaning isn’t just about ticking boxes for Work Health and Safety. It’s about improving the standard of your business, keeping employees safe, healthy, and happy, and also about providing your own customers with the absolute best impression. For the best industrial cleaning in Perth, contact the team at Perth Commercial Cleaning Services today.