Strata Cleaning Services Perth

Strata Cleaning Services Perth

At Perth Commercial Cleaning Services, we understand the complexities of managing a commercial property or a residential complex. We know building committees and property managers have demanding jobs and a myriad of responsibilities – but by using our strata cleaning services, you will have one less thing to worry about. Let us clean and maintain the common areas of your facility so that you can focus on what’s important.

Cleanliness is key to maintaining a pleasant environment. A well-maintained, hygienic property contributes hugely to people’s first impression when entering a building. Whether a potential tenant, visitor or customer, ensuring that each person entering your facility is met with a healthy, professional and uplifting atmosphere is essential. We know that first impressions count, and your tenants, residents and customers will take note of their sparkling surroundings.

PCCS can provide regularly scheduled cleaning and maintenance of the property you manage. We also clean after tenants have moved out, wash windows to ensure shop fronts are sparkling and attractive, and perform one-off deep cleans when required.

Whatever your requirements are – we will find a way to meet them.

What’s Included in a Strata Clean?

The strata cleaning concept began here in Australia. Essentially, strata cleaning includes the regular maintenance and cleaning of the shared areas within commercial properties or residential buildings. Depending on the building, there are usually several common areas shared between business owners and renters requiring regular cleaning and maintenance.

The areas that will be cleaned include but are not limited to stairs, hallways, toilets, foyers, entrances, outdoor spaces, swimming pools and gyms. These areas require different approaches in terms of maintenance and cleaning requirements, and it can be challenging for managers and committees if each component is dealt with separately. With a strata cleaning service, these difficulties evaporate, and multiple diverse areas can be taken care of by one dedicated team of professionals. 

Our Strata Cleaning Process

Client satisfaction is our number one priority. Our cleaners arrive on time and get to work immediately and discreetly, ensuring every job is completed to our high standards.

We follow a specialised cleaning process to guarantee that you get the best results, using the best equipment and cleaning products. Furthermore, we tailor our approach depending on the specific facility and your needs. Whether we are working in residential buildings or office complexes, our team has the skills to get the work done.

Our most popular strata cleaning services include:

  • Cleaning of stairways, landings, and fire escapes
  • Vacuuming
  • Upkeep of car parks
  • Rubbish removal
  • General maintenance issues
  • Cleaning and sanitisation of common areas and surfaces
  • Cleaning of elevators
  • Pool cleaning services
  • Steam cleaning carpets
  • High-pressure cleaning of entrances, tiling, and pavements
  • Window cleaning

Why Choose Perth Commercial Cleaning Services for Strata Cleaning?

We are a family-owned and operated cleaning company based in Perth, WA. We have fifteen years of experience providing professional cleaning services in Perth. Despite our rapidly growing business, we have a tight-knit team of cleaners. Our highly trained and professional team offers exceptional cleaning services using high-quality equipment and eco-friendly cleaning products.

Strata managers have enough on their plate without juggling several different cleaning companies to cater to the various components of their property. We offer our extensive experience, a team of Perth’s best cleaners, and a tailored package designed to fit your specific strata complex’s needs.

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Service Guarantees

An Obligation-free Quote

Contact us today to receive an obligation-free quote for your strata complex. We offer tailored plans that cater to a diverse range of properties and are dedicated to providing a service that is both affordable and of the highest quality.

For every job, we assess your space and determine your needs. Next, we put together a strata property cleaning service package that will benefit your specific facility. We create a schedule based on the number of days per week you want and need our services, always making sure we have created a budget that works for you. 

But the first step is getting in touch – contact us today to start the process!

Highly Qualified Staff

We ensure all our cleaning staff have undergone rigorous training and are police cleared. Our team follow precise staff operational protocols when on-site. Whether cleaning shared areas, pools, car parks or maintaining grounds, we can guarantee our team of professional cleaners have the expertise to get the job done to a high standard.

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

At Perth Commercial Cleaning Services, the most important thing is our clients. That means every cleaning performed by PCCS comes with your satisfaction fully guaranteed. If you spot an issue, call within 24 hours, and our dedicated team will come back out and reclean it free of charge.

Frequently Asked Questions About Strata Cleaning in Perth

Strata cleaning is necessary for several reasons. Firstly, from a simple health and safety perspective – nobody wants to live, work, or visit an unhygienic environment. 

Another reason why businesses and strata managers choose our services is logistical. Having one company looking after the shared areas in a residential or commercial building reduces stress and simplifies procedures for managers and building committees. There can be no conflict between tenants about who is responsible for the common areas if a team of professionals takes care of all of it. 

Thirdly, the expertise of the strata cleaners who work for Perth Commercial Cleaning Services is invaluable. We know which chemical and equipment to use for each surface or area, and our diligent staff will ensure nothing is damaged. Our highly experienced team will ensure the work is completed efficiently and on time.

We offer cleaning for strata complexes across Perth and Joondalup.

The cost of our service varies depending on the size and function of your particular strata property.

Call us today for an obligation-free quote or fill out the quote request form online, and we can draw up a pricing plan for your building.